As He is Everywhere

Pastor Marshal kindly picked me up from the Delhi airport when I arrived early Monday morning.  He drove us through a tangle of streets lined with wall to wall concrete houses that open to terraces at the top.  We stopped in front of an apartment building and climbed the stairs to the level where the railing disappeared; there we turned through a little door into a lovely home that I am very glad to be staying at for the next three months.

Pastor Marshal and Bhabi Ruth are the house parents for seven girls who are staying with Global Family long term.  Each morning seven girls are eating breakfast, brushing teeth, singing pretty hindi songs, and polishing shoes.  Masooma, Sonia, Jyoti, and Ruaksana are walked to the schoolhouse just down the street where we wave goodbye before heading back to the group house.

There is a balcony on the side of the group house, where the girls go to look out at the busy street below.  There are men selling brightly coloured vegetables shouting their wares, people looking out from their terraces or balconies, fathers and big brothers carrying children and siblings to school on motorbikes, people brushing teeth, girls running barefoot, mothers sweeping floors, and an old man sitting on the front steps holding his grand-baby.  It is beautiful.

Two doors down is a pretty white gate that leads to the Shelter Home.  Three rows of girls in brightly coloured clothes sit on mats facing the front.  These young women have come from very hard backgrounds, and almost every day one of them is in tears.  But it is beautiful the way that God is bringing healing and love into their hearts through the women and men who are working there, the way that Jessica Didi holds them in her arms as they cry, the way that Pastor Vincent counsels them so lovingly and gently, the way that Bhabi laughs at their jokes and smiles encouragingly at each new art piece, the way that Auntie makes sure all the children have been served and fed before she or any of the adults eat.

God is here, as He is everywhere.  He is in the face of Pastor Marshal as he shares with me another piece of the wisdom he has been given, in the face of Reziah as she generously gives away her best painting, in the face of Pooja as laughs about how funny it is that she is being naughty, in the face of my sister S—- as she opens up her heart and tells me the things she has learned in her life.  No matter where you are, look for God in the people who are around you, and you will find Him.  He will teach you many beautiful things through them.

There are such great stores of life to be found in Jesus.  May we seek Him above all else, may we sit at His feet and listen to His words, may we live a life of Love.


2 thoughts on “As He is Everywhere

  1. You beautiful heart shines through every line, Lilian! I know you will learn so much, but I also know you will be such a blessing. May God give you so much of Himself to give to these precious girls. (Miss) Lynn


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